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West, Texas

If you live here you know how vast West Texas is.   You can go hundreds of miles and see nothing but open land and the occasional Armadillo.   A little trivia.   Dallas to El […]

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Spanky in Spring

Spanky in Spring It’s that time of the year again!   And my pooch Spanky loves it.   Nothing like taking a break in the bluebonnets after a long walk with your human.

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Big Bend National Park

One of my favorite places in Texas.  However it’s not a weekend getaway.  You drive all day long to get to Marathon, Texas only to realize that the park is another 120 miles away!   […]

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Boy Scouts Poster Campaign

This is part of a series of posters I recently shot for Boy Scouts of America near Russellville Arkansas. It’s always a pleasure working with BSA.   Boy Scouts

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BASF Jam Session

Many organizations are looking for new ways to be innovative, to generate and test ideas. As the world of business gets faster and budgets get tighter, the old methods seem too slow and too expensive. […]

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Bum Bright

Had the priviledge of photographing Bum Bright before his death back in 2004.   Wanted to try this technique of combining a still photograph with motion.  I saw it used in a TV series intro. […]

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Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument While on location in southern Arizona for BASF I had some free time so I headed down to the the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.   This shot was taken […]

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BASF Applicator Training

  Corporate video for BASF chemical company to promote their Applicator Training Classes.

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Apalachicola Florida

  Apalachicola Ebook Apalachicola Florida – apalahchi, meaning “on the other side”, and okli, meaning “people”  The home port for a variety of seafood workers, including oyster harvesters and shrimpers. More than 90% of Florida’s […]

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The Art of the Motorcycle

The Art of the Motorcycle Anyone who knows me knows that I have been a motorcycle nut all my life.   Motorcycles are and always have been works of Art.  This is a collection of […]

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